RedHyena Art

Exceptional handmade animal costumery

Made By RedHyena, Each is unique

Each built to your specifications along with RedHyena's own unique approach help give your creature sense of syle and personality all its own.

Realistic or cute & fluffy.

Call them what you want; Fursuits, Mascots or just Costumes. They all have something really special.

No matter if you want your character to freiendly or ferocious, RedHyena can bring your vision to life.


About RedHyena Art

RedHyena's creations have become known for the attention to detail, comfort and durability.

We make custom costumes and characters. We do everything from original concept design to full costume fabrication. RedHyena's skill and creative approach bring your creature to life like no one else can!

One of a kind approach

No cookie cutter here, using a range of techniques form purpose built computer driven 3D printing and cutting to more traditional hand sculpted, RedHyena brings you a high quality costume that will last. Most importantly, each one is made from scratch to ensure they have their own unique character.

We make our own parts

Speical parts like pawpads, eye effects, jaw effects and claws are built by us specificly for our use. This means RedHyena can create virtually anything you want!

Commission RedHyena

Getting a new handmade costume costs less than you expect
You dont have to sacrifice on features or quality either.

The order form for end of the year delevery is being prepared.
Please check back soon to start your order!

New steamlined online ordering system offers a complete package with your membership account allowing you to easiy communicate with us and keep track of your order progress.

Stores Your Completed Projects

If you ever need extra parts or repairs for your mascot costume, you can get quick access to our support and warrenty services.

Never Miss An Oppertunity Again!

You can opt in on alerts for any or all of our commission offerings so can reserve your spot fast.