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a custom mascot company that specializes in
animal costumes and props

About RedHyena Art

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RedHyena's handcrafted imaginative process delevers results.

Beginning in 2008 RedHyena Art has earned a reputation for quality user-friendly costumery.

Our excellence in production and customer service provides costumes for Cosplay, Live Action Role Play, Drama, Athletics, Schools and Advertising. RedHyena's costumery will enhance your image and deliver reliable service for excellent return on investment.

Our services include:

  • Made just for you

    Fabrication of original costumery from your artwork and specifications.

  • Here to help

    Professional consultation and design to refine your ideas into functional attractive costumes.

  • Other Purposes

    Ability to recreate, refrubish or improve your existing costume, fursuit or mascot.

The Benefits

“The magic of a great mascot is the way it comes to life,
you want to interact with them and join in on the fun.”

Our commitment to costumes dosen't end at the studio. We perform with our own costumes to learn and grow our skills as part of a passionate commitment to the art from production to performance.
“We really know our stuff.”

Excellence in performance.

  • We stand our ground

    Each and every costume is protected by our Limited Lifetime Warrenty guarding against manufacturing defects.

  • Workshop skilled

    All our services are performed in-house for constency and strict quality control.

  • Modern practaces

    Our extensive research and development puts you ahead of competitors.

  • We keep our promises

    Quick turn around times and expedited delivery option get you in character faster.

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How it Works


Contact & design communication

The first step is communication about your ideas which can include art that you already have depicting what you want your costume to look like. If you don't have any art or require help decidinding on specific features we'll work with you until we arrive at a design that meets your expectations. We also offer professional character design services for an additional fee if you need a completely new design created for you or your organization.


Approvals & Adding to our build queue

Once we approve the design and you have had time to review the details we will bid a price for the project with a breakdown all the costs involved. You have the option to make further changes or proceed to the production phase. As part of the breakdown a project deposit will be specified which must be paid in full for the costume to be added to our production queue.


Costume construction begins

This is the full production phase where we do all the work that goes into the creation of your new costume. You can check on your project any time online here at Once you have contacted us links and numbers are provided for this. We also provide periodic automatic updates.


Finished! Packed & shipped

Once your costume is finished we will notify you and make any necessary shipping arrangements. We also offer delivery and pick up services to those in our area upon request. If your costume is to be shipped we will wrap it with a protective plastic cover to protect the costume during shipping and package it in heavy duty boxes to ensure maximum protection. If you have purchased a specialty costume carrier from us to go with the costume it will ship in that inside the box.


Upcomming events RedHyena will be attending - Stop by and say hello!

MAY 14-17
Reno, NV. USA

Biggest Little Fur Con

MAY 22-24
Portland, OR. USA


SEPT 24-27
Seattle, WA. USA


Contact Us

To help us better serve you please select an option below that best represents your interest.

Pricing Table

Common costume packages. Any of these can be customised to your exact needs we can also fulfill large orders for multiple costumes at special pricing.

Basic / Heads

$ 750
*Starting price
  • Custom mascot heads
  • Add a jumpsuit body for around $500
  • Standard or "Follow eyes"
  • Fixed expression or moving jaw
  • Optional dyed or airbrushing


$ 3200
*Starting price
  • Unlimited details
  • Animatronic effects
  • Lighting and sound
  • Extended fur options and colors
  • Quadrupedal movement options

Pricing represented on this website is subject to change without notice.
Contact us for a detailed bid price with your specific needs entailed.
All prices indicated in US dollars, international sales are welcome.

Words from our clients

Miles above the rest

"I really like the little details like the way the seams are so smooth and flat"

(client from OR)
Stays cool

"I love how you included little hidden vents that are invisible on the outside."

(client from WA)
Very Realistic

"I can make real paw prints in the snow everywhere I go!"

(client from WA)
I love how the tail moves

"It bounces with me whenever I move."

(client from WA)