Fursuit, Costume and Prop Builder,
from cosplay to mascots and everything between.

Allow RedHyena to build the creature of your dreams!

RedHyena creates costumes durable enough for commercial mascots and comfortable enough for daily use, whatever your new creature will be RedHyena can create any special parts from antlers to hooves and anything in between all crafted to fit your costume.

What makes RedHyena's costumes so unique?

One of a kind approach

No cookie cutter here, using a range of techniques form purpose built computer driven 3D printing and cutting to more traditional hand sculpted, RedHyena brings you a high quality costume that will last. Most importantly, each one is made from scratch to ensure they have their own unique character.

We make our own parts

Special parts like pawpads, eye effects, jaw effects and claws are built by us specifically for our use.

By not relying on third party resin casts and other rigid parts RedHyena can create virtually anything you want!

Unique skill set

RedHyena has more than four years experience with traditional lost wax bronze sculpture art ...before beginning RedHyena Art back in 2008!

Few other makers have this kind of solid base for their costume work to grow.

Excellent record for customer service

RedHyena is here now and in the future to help you with any aspect of costume design and use. Need something special, just ask.

Getting exactly the costume you wanted is that easy with